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Are Research Stations Possible In Regions Like Antarctica?

Do you know that extreme places on the earth like Antarctica also have some population on that place? Yes, you read it right Antarctica that is the extreme place in the coolest weather all around the world, also has some population living over there. Still, the only difference is that the region does not have the original and permanent population over there and hence the population living there. It is because the people who are living there are the one related to science and hence you can see many major research stations in antarctica.

The researchers are always eager to get their eyes on something new and interesting, and they can just not find any place on the earth that is much more refresh than the Antarctica region. It is a place that does not have any human colonies and different types of areas. All the international research stations of antarctica are working in a better way and hence are searching for new things to explore in the world. Hence, these people who are living over there are the migrating population of that region.

Some of the best space stations over there:-

  • Vernadsky station by the United Kingdom, which is now under the ownership of Ukraine.
  • Brown station it is the station which was established by Argentina and is working in the field of biology for searching for new things and changes. They are also searching for bacteriology, ecology, and other concepts.
  • Camara Station it was another station after the brown station one, which was located and established by Argentina again. It is the one with black and yellow stripes and is known as the small space for around 36 people, which opens only in summers.
  • Carlini Base:- after all the stations mentioned above, one more station which can have the capacity of around 100 people in it is this one. It is the place wherein December 2013; a rock band performed their show which was streamed all around the world.

biology stations

What do they do?

The universe is a big location, and there is a lot to explore in the universe and hence people are looking for it in the right way. The map of antarctic field camp locations explains to us all how widely the space stations and other biology stations are working in that area and hence are counted as the population of that area. The area is not much affected by humans and hence is the safest and best place to explore.

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