About Us

SCAR COMNAP 2020 is a non-profit science education organization , with the goal of raising public understanding of climate change. This is achieved through the publication of information and resources for educators, communicators, scientists, and the general public. A key feature of these resources is an encyclopedic list of evidence-based refutations of climate misinformation. Skeptical Science is considered an authoritative resource by the climate scientist community for rebutting climate misinformation, and is often listed by media sources.

SCAR COMNAP 2020 are proactive with public engagement activities, making their climate communication more accessible and engaging to the public. This includes development of smartphone apps, providing interactive access to climate science and critical thinking content. Team members regularly conduct presentations and workshops for various groups including scientific groups, students, and environmental NGOs.

SCAR COMNAP 2020 community consists of a global community of volunteers. Volunteers write blog posts, maintain rebuttals, create graphics, or author useful software tools. Furthermore, they contribute by moderating the comments sections, editing and proofreading posts, sharing information with visitors, responding to emails, and providing technical support. Volunteers from all over the world have translated selected content into more than 20 different languages. All of this work is done in the volunteer contributors’ spare time and everybody helps as much as time allows and where their interests take them.

About Corey Rogers

SCAR COMNAP 2020 was created and maintained by Corey Rogers.
In 2011, he lead-authored an award-winning paper analyzing the scientific consensus on climate change.
Corey Rogers has no affiliations with any political organisations or groups. SCAR COMNAP 2020 is strictly a labour of love. The design was created by Corey’s talented web designer wife.

If you’ve got a story to tell and would like to write a guest blog post, or you’re thinking about visiting Antarctica, please get in touch with us, as we’d love to hear from you. Alternatively, feel free to ask us any Antarctica-related question.

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