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Responsible Gambling in Australia

As most Aussies know, gambling is greatly engaged by a larger percentage of Australian residents. With real money and minimum deposit casinos, there are more ways to win lots of cash. This however presents a couple of cons as lots of people can get too addicted and lose lots of money. 

To ensure gambling remains safe as well as fun without detrimental effects, responsible gaming comes into the picture. Responsible gaming regulations ensure that gamblers do not risk too much money and play strategically. Responsible gaming is believed to reduce gambling-related problems in the community and minimise the harms associated with gambling.

Important Things to Know about Responsible Gambling when you Play at Australian Real Money Online Casinos

There are lots of important facts to know about responsible gambling when you want to play at Australia’s real money online casino. Some of them include:

  • The Australian Government’s Productivity Commission data reveals that as many as 170,000 Aussies are facing problem gambling.
  • Aussie gamblers are one of the highest rollers across most countries with a gross loss of $24.9 billion per annum.
  • The social cost of gambling problems in Australia is around $4.7 billion per annum.
  • An estimated $150 billion is spent by Australians on casino games and pokies each year. Each year, Australians spend more than $200 billion on gambling. Each gambler in Australia spends about $11,000 annually on gambling. 

Tips to Gamble Responsibly

When you gamble responsibly, you are able to exert control over your gambling activity and not let it negatively affect other areas of your life. To ensure you remain in control and maintain responsible gambling behaviour, try the following tips. 

  • Gambling should be enjoyed, not as a source of income
  • Do not gamble with money that is beyond your means
  • Prioritize your spending
  • Establish a time limit in advance
  • Drinking and using drugs while gambling is prohibited
  • Give yourself a break
  • When you’re depressed or upset, don’t gamble
  • Maintain a healthy balance between gambling and other activities
  • You should never chase your losses
  • Your ATM card should not be taken with you.
  • Calculate how much you can afford to spend on gambling based on your budget
  • Spending a certain amount is a limit you should set for yourself
  • Calculate the amount of time it took to earn that money
  • Prevent rash decisions by lowering your bank’s daily withdrawal limit

More responsible gambling tips for Aussie players can be found on this site: casinos Australia.

Australian Gambling Regulations

Australian gambling policy is traditionally the responsibility of the states rather than the Commonwealth. Gambling services are regulated by state and territory governments, which rely heavily on the revenue generated. Recent developments, however, have seen the Commonwealth take a more active role in this area. A Productivity Commission inquiry commissioned by the Commonwealth was prompted by public concern about gambling’s impact on Australian society, and its conclusions have sparked further debate.

Moreover, the rapid adoption of new communications technologies by gambling industries has attracted Commonwealth interest, as this is a constitutionally mandated area. For instance, online gambling development has certain implications for mechanisms regulation, collection of revenue and the general welfare of the community. 

Some of the top gambling regulating authorities and how they help gamble responsibly are discussed in this piece. Read on to learn more!

Self Exclusion Register

Self-exclusion is a free procedure where you ban yourself from gambling venues or websites. This can be done both by the venues as well as by the sites.

If you want to limit your access to gambling venues such as clubs, pubs, or TABs, you can block yourself. Gambling providers in Australia must allow their customers to self-exclude from their venue or product by law.

How does self-exclusion work?

In Australia, there are a variety of self-exclusion programs, but they all work in the same way. Programs generally work as follows:

  • You decide which venues, casinos, or websites to exclude.
  • There is a deed that outlines the venues you can’t visit for a minimum amount of time.
  • If you’re ever spotted at a gambling facility by qualified staff, they report to the program and ensure you get expelled from the venue. 
  • You can voluntarily terminate your self-exclusion at the end of the period specified in the deed. Afterwards, your gambling account gets reopened and you can enter gaming venues where you were formerly blacklisted. 

Steps to self-exclude in Australia

To self exclude yourself in Australia, the first step is to reach out to one of the relevant organizations for assistance to achieve this on their venues or programs. Moreover, you can self exclude faster in certain parts of Australia. For instance, by making use of Australian Hotels Associations or Community Clubs, you can self exclude in Victoria without signing two deeds.

How to Identify a Problem Gambler

Gambling is thrilling and gets addictive. A gambler can steer off the path from being a healthy gambler to a problem gambler. This happens when gambling transitions from fun to an obsession with very hazardous consequences. In most instances, problem gambling can lead to strained relationships with friends, family. 

It can also be anything that affects a gambler’s personal life. Here are some tips to identify a problem gambler and probably seek help as soon as possible:

  • Problem gamblers stop doing things they do regularly.

A problem gambler makes alters their usual life activities. This is one of the clear signals to look out for and ask for help. Their minds are fixed more on making money off gambling than even fixing themselves a meal or working.

  • They shut off family members. 

Another important indicator of a problem gambler is shutting off family members. They withdraw from everyone close to fuel their addiction without supervision or help.

  • They alter their sleeping patterns.

Problem gamblers lose control over how much time they spend betting and even make alterations to their sleep patterns if necessary. They could stay up at their usual nap time to take more bets.

  • They are reluctant to spend on any other things asides from gambling

Problem gamblers find it hard to spend on any other things aside from gambling. They keep making constant deposits just to fuel their unending desire for more wagers even at the expense of necessities.

  • They sometimes cheat others for betting money.

In the quest to place wagers by all means possible, they make unscrupulous deals and cheat others to make money for placing wagers. 

  • They become obsessed and think only of gambling all the time. 

A problem gambler thinks about gambling most of the time. Hence, it transitions from just a recreational activity to a way of life.

  • Resorts to other means to forget losses. 

For a problem gambler lost in the addictive encapsulation of gambling, resorting to other means of solace is the quickest call. These include alcohol, smoking and other drugs.

List of Australian sites that help you gamble responsibly

Due to the large number of Australians (about 80%) that gamble often, the industry has been met with proactive developments to ensure that the bulk of Australians gamble responsibly. One of the most efficient is an increase in the number of Australian Casinos that help you gamble responsibly. There are so many of them but you can check out some of the best we have screened out below:

Gambling Help NSW

Gambling Help is an initiative of the Government of New South Wales and is funded by the Office of Responsible Gambling of NSW. As part of the Office of Responsible Gambling’s efforts to promote a safe, responsible, and responsible gambling environment for NSW gamblers, this is one of the measures it takes.

Gambling Help NSW: https://www.gambleaware.nsw.gov.au

Gamblers Help

Problem gamblers and the family and friends of problem gamblers can turn to Gamblers Help in Tasmania. Services are offered 24 hours a day.

Gamblers Help Victoria

Many community organizations located in Victoria offer telephone, online, and personal counselling services as well as information and advice at Gambler’s Help.

Gambler’s Help, Victoria, Australia: https://gamblershelp.com.au

Amity Community Services 

Gamblers with addictions can receive a variety of services from this non-governmental organization. Gambling Help Online offers live counselling anytime, or you can use the self-help tools or get email support if you need immediate assistance.

Amity Community Services: https://www.amity.org.au

ACT Gambling Counselling and Support Service (AGCSS)

Gamblers with problem gambling can get support through this service online, by phone, or by visiting a clinic. In addition, the AGCSS helps players to self-exclude from online and land-based gambling services. To speak with an experienced counsellor, call 1800-858-858.

ACT Gambling Support Service: https://actgamblingsupport.org.au

Gambling Help WA 

Center Care is an Australian-based non-profit Catholic community services organization that delivers training, mediation, and other supports to clients throughout Perth, Esperance, and Goldfields, Western Australia.

Gambling Help W.A: https://www.centrecare.com.au/metro-services/gambling-help-metropolitan-and-rural/gambling-help-wa

Problem Gambling Help SA

A joint venture between Adelaide Casino, Clubs SA, and the Australian Hotel Association (SA), GRF serves as the front door of the South Australian Gamblers Rehabilitation Fund (GRF). It is a nonprofit organization that funds initiatives and programs aimed at curbing problem gambling and providing support to problem gamblers. The Gambling Help Services of the Gambling Research Foundation include the 24/7 helpline 1800-858-858, research, and community education programs.

South Australia | Gambling Help Online: https://www.gamblinghelponline.org.au/services-in-your-state/south-australia

Gambling Help Queensland

 In addition to providing free counselling to problem gamblers, Gambling Help Queensland offers training and education programs in the community, along with networking activities that increase awareness and understanding of problem gambling.

For problem gamblers in New South Wales, Western Australia, South Australia, Queensland, and Tasmania, you can visit Gambling Help Online.

Gambling Help QLD: https://www.gamblinghelpqld.org.au

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