Hole in ozone

What Is The Reason Behind Ozone Hole In The Stratosphere?

Today, the earth is the only planet that has life on it and will be the only one for future years to come. No doubt there are many different types of other planets in the universe that looks similar to earth in shape, size, and colors, and hence one day, people might be able to live on these planets. However, the only reason people can live on this planet is only because of the ozone layer on the planet, as this is the only layer that can keep the UV rays from the earth away from the people living on this planet.

The ozone layer is one that is made up of oxygen molecules. Oxygen is one of the important gases for human life, and it is made with O2, but the ozone layer is the result of combining three molecules of oxygen which makes it O3. Hence, oxygen, the livelihood gas, is the one that can help people to survive on this planet as they can provide protection from harmful rays. But this protective layer is in danger and hence can cause serious damages to the people living on the planet as there is appearance of an ozone hole over antarctica.

ozone layer

Hole in ozone

As you are already aware, the ozone layer is the one which can cause much help to the people around the planet and is also very important for the people’s lives. But what is more and more concerning nowadays is that there is a hole in the ozone layer, which is highly dangerous for people. The hole allows the UV rays from space to enter the planet and hence is causing serious issues on the earth like a rise in temperature and all.

Reasons behind it

The reasons for the ozone hole are the products that are being used by humans all around the globe! It is mainly because some of the products and machineries that people use in their life are emitting harmful CFC into the air. Chlorofluorocarbons is one that consists of chlorine and bromine, which get stuck in the stratosphere and hence cause depletion in the ozone layer. It is one of the main causes of ozone hole over antarctica.

Since the hole in the ozone layer is over Antarctica, you can easily observe that there are significant signs which explain the climate change caused due to it.

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