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Call for abstracts

After reading the submission guidelines, make sure you have prepared your abstract in accordance with them. Once finished, you can start submitting.

Abstract Submission Guidelines and Instructions

  • Abstracts must be submitted electronically and in English
  • There is no abstract submission fee
  • You may submit as many abstracts as you like as presenting author, but if demand for oral presentation slots is high, you may subsequently be asked to limit the number of oral presentations you deliver
  • All material must be the work of the authors listed and appropriately referenced
  • All presenters are expected to pay the Conference registration fee and are responsible for their own travel and accommodation expenses
  • The link for the abstract submission will bring you to a login page, where you create your personal login. Make sure to keep your login information, as you can use it again later for the conference registration. You will also be asked to create a profile with your personal information in order to make your submission
  • In the submission process you will be asked to select which presentation type you prefer, oral or poster. Oral presentations generally last 15 minutes. However, your session convenor may ask you to give a longer or a shorter talk depending on the requirements of the session. If we cannot accommodate an oral presentation in your session of choice you may be asked to submit a poster instead. Some poster presenters may in addition be offered the chance to present in the speed talk session. Note that the oral presentations in the speed talk session (session 48) will only last 3-5 minutes. Speed talk sessions will take place concurrently with the poster sessions at the end of each day and are primarily aimed at early career researchers who wish to build their experience in delivering presentations. The speed talk session is intended for those who are not giving an oral presentation elsewhere. If you are offered an oral presentation in the speed talk session you will also be offered the chance to submit a poster
  • The abstract title is limited to 40 words
  • The abstract text is limited to 250 words. If the text is too long, you cannot proceed to the next step and will be prompted to shorten the abstract.
  • You can type your abstract directly in the submission form online or copy and paste it from another document. Special characters and formatting may be lost during the copying process. You may use special characters by using the ‘special character keyboard’ shown in the submission portal
  • The description on the top of the submission platform provides instructions and contact details should you encounter difficulties with the submission. The red horizontal menu at the top of the page allows you to skip between the different steps of the submission process. Do not use the back button of your browser.
  • At any time during a submission, you can save your submission as a ‘draft’, you can then complete them at a later stage with your login.
  • You can edit or delete your abstract if necessary, add or remove authors and change the presenting author or the order of the authors after submission, but only until 28 February 2020, 5pm AEST
  • After the submission deadline all abstracts will be reviewed. Accepted abstracts will be included in the conference program once the author has registered to attend. Should the author wish to withdraw their abstract after the submission deadline, the author should contact the organisers.

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