Things That Are Affecting The Biodiversity In Antarctica

Biodiversity basically refers to the life of animals or plants on earth, and here it means the wildlife protection of management. Because of some things, there has been a huge effect on the wildlife and animals, whether sea animals or land animals, who have to face the consequences. The activities that are affecting the biodiversity protection in antarctica are mentioned below-

  • There have been some changes in the oceanic and environment on the feeding grounds, which has been a threat to the whales, seals, penguins, and many other.
  • Even at the breeding sites, there have been some environmental changes.
  • There has also been interaction with the commercial fisheries; it can be direct and indirect.

biodiversity protection

There are several other human activities which has caused so much interference and disturbance to antarctic wildlife conservation. There are so many effects that are disturbing the sea life of the animals; the effects of over-exploitation of penguins, whales, and seals have also affected the conservation. There are some species that have been appearing little because they are not able to recover. There can be some recovery, but it has taken so much time.

The research team in Antarctica is trying to conserve and manage the population of sea animals. They have made the antarctica strategic plan for biodiversity where they will focus on the life and population of ecology and biology of seals, sea birds, and whales and also the threats that they are facing right now.

If these effects and the problem that they are facing right now get decreases, then only we will be able to save and manage the wildlife. They have to consider all the things and reduce these activities so that these animals can get their natural habitat and can live their lives without any problem or threat.

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